About me

My name is Petr Švihlík but people often call me Rocky. Don't ask why 😂

When I'm at work, I lead an awesome team of developer advocates at Kentico. My main focus is on the Developer Relations strategy, leadership, and Developer Experience. Outside of work, I enjoy music, driving my car, running, and above all traveling the world with my girlfriend. Lately, these activities have been hindered by a new family member 😈 who tries to steal all that's left of our collective attention.

Petr Švihlík with his daughter

I'm also very much into open-source so you can find the majority of my projects on GitHub. You'll soon learn that most of them are somehow related to .NET. That's a correct observation, I love spending my time trying out new C# language features and exploring .NET Foundation projects. This project is no exception and it's a part of my learning process. This time I tried to pick up Statiq—a static site generator for .NET.

Interested in collaborating? Or just wanna chat? Feel free to drop me a line!